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About Me

"It’s not just the voice that matters; it’s how you tell the story." 

Image of Tanja standing in front of a building

Voice acting has been my passion ever since I can remember! I bring my truth and sincerity to each role. Acting allows me to freely express myself and put voices to diverse/complex characters. Recording stories on my tape player was a large pastime in my childhood; I also improved stories for fun with a friend as a teen (to stretch my imagination’s muscles.)

Now-a-days I get behind the microphone to voice characters for radio dramas, adds, commercials, stories, museum exhibits and games from home. Working with various producers for the past decade has allowed me to meet so many creative friends and coworkers.

My affirmation before each recording session is: "It’s not just the voice that matters; it’s how you tell the story."

Featured on
Chronicle Boston

Watch as I am interviewed about my work at Perkins Library and how I became a voice artist.

My Equipment

I use many different types of equipment and have listed them below with affiliate links for you to start your own career as a voice artist and producer.

Recording Booth
4x4x7 Recording Booth
from QC Acoustics


Sennheiser MKH416
Warm Audio WA87
Sure KSM32
Focusrite Scarlet II I II Preamp

Sound Editing Software
Sound Forge

Operating System
Windows 10

My Studio

Below are some featured work samples on SoundCloud

My Awards

The Audio Verse Awards were created to honor the greatest works of audio fiction. Online media has morphed to include a variety of content and new styles that have dazzled listeners the world over. You may buy posters of various shows at the Audio Verse Awards Store

•  2013 Audio Verse Award Winners Most Outstanding Performance of Voice Actress in an Original Leading Role: Tanja Milojevic As Raya in Yes Please by Misfits Audio View the 2013 Yes Please award.

•  2017 Audio Verse Awards List of Finalists Best Actress in a Leading role for a New, Ongoing, Dramatic, Production: Tanja Milojevic As Organism in Organism View the 2017 Organism Award

•  2017 Audio Verse Award Winners Best Actress in a role for a Self-contained, Dramatic, Production: Tanja Milojevic As Whitney in What’s The Frequency? View 2017 What's The Frequency Award

•  2019 Audio Verse Award Winners Performance of a Leading Role in a New Audio Play Production: Tanja Milojevic As AI in VAST Horizon; Performance of a New Spoken Word Production: Jordan Cobb, Danyelle Ellett, Sarah Golding, Karim Kronfli, Angelique Lazarus, Tanja Milojevic, James Oliva, Erika Sanderson, and Lucille Valentine for The Moonologue Sessions View the 2019 Vast Horizon and the Moonologue Sessions Awards